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Enhancing Human Psychology

Cede Nullis Psychology was founded on the principle that success in high performance is about mastering the mental game. ​




Nick is the founder of Cede Nullis Psychology. He is a registered psychologist (AHPRA) and former national swimmer having competed internationally in the 50 & 100m Freestyle in Japan.


Nick is passionate about working with high performing individuals from both the public and private sectors and in sport. Some of Nick's clients have included individuals and teams from:

  • AFL & AFLW

  • Golf

  • Cricket

  • Swimming

  • Tennis

  • Lacrosse

  • Badminton

  • Ice-Skating, and more

  •   ASX listed companies and company directors

  • High net-worth individuals

  • Senior Federal Government executives

  • Several Federal Government Departments


Growing up on the Mornington Peninsula with a love of the ocean, Nick has a naturally relaxed approach with his clients helping them to quickly feel at ease. 


Cede Nullis Psychology offer a range of services for improving psychological performance in athletes, organisations and teams.

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Our clinic rooms are on St Kilda Rd, Melbourne within a private physiotherapy clinic. This allows for an extra level of anonymity if you are concerned about privacy.

We understand that sitting in a small room face-to-face with a psychologist can be intimidating. This is why we developed our walking sessions.


What is a walking session?

A walking session includes all the benefits of a face-to-face session in a consulting room but allows for dialogue exchange in open spaces, the benefits of exercise, and a more informal way to discuss topics that might be uncomfortable for some people. Our walking sessions are extremely popular with our clients stating it is their preferred way of talking with a psychologist - even in the rain!

If walking and talking is not your thing, that's ok! Our Telehealth appointments have minimal wait times compared to face-to-face appointments, and you still get the same great service you normally would - all from the comfort of your own home or office.

Our 1-on-1 appointments are fully confidential and can be covered by Medicare with a referral from your GP.



Coaching is not like a psychoanalytic therapy where you come in and lay on a couch and talk about your feelings. It's different. It doesn't go into detail about childhood, or try to unpack any trauma or emotional difficulties you don't want to discuss. It's different.

It's a service for those who want to fast-track performance.


Nick has previously worked with executives and management in both the public and private sectors. Having worked with the Senior Executive Service (SES) in the Australian Public Service (APS), and company directors and board executives of ASX listed companies, he understands the pressures on individuals at the top of the social and organisational hierarchy.

Nick uses his experience from high performance sport and over a decade of knowledge in psychology to assist his performance coaching clients with difficulties they're facing both professionally and personally.

Performance coaching sessions are offered to anyone who is striving for the next level of their development. If you want a better chance to get a seat at the table, get that promotion, or have your team work together like a well-oiled machine, this service is for you.

After having spent over a decade learning the craft of performance psychology, it became clear that too many workshops are more like a bad University lecture - too long, too dry, and have someone talking at you rather than with you.

Our workshops are different.

Nick has applied experience designing, facilitating and conducting interactive workshops and seminars both in person and online.

The workshops are conducted in a relaxed, informal manner allowing participants to fully engage and most importantly, take home useful strategies and concepts they can apply immediately to assist them in their work and life.

We have a number of workshops that can improve the performance of your organisation or team both in person or online.

What We Can Help You With

Psychological Skills to Enhance Performance

Goal Setting





Coping with Injury


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